Social – Frequently Asked Questions

The friends bar is sourced from the list of contacts, followers, following and people who are online on the MPL Application who are either in the same tier as you or a tier above/below you.
Yes, If you have enough connections, the people in the friends bar are likely to be from your connections.
Slide the screen down to refresh the MPL Application, it will automatically refresh the entries in the friends bar.
View all will enable you to search for users, shows you your connections. You can find more people online under the online section.
Contacts will be synced based on the contacts you have on your phone.
Right now there is no provision to search for people other than their username. We are working on new ways for user discovery.
You will be included in that person’s connections; you can be part of the exclusive groups and channels that the person creates.
They will be included in your connections. You can create exclusive groups and channels with your followers.
You can access your profile by tapping on the display picture on the home page, which will take you to your profile.
One way is to tap on their display picture in the chat box you opened with the player.
No, there is no provision to see the list of followers of a player. You can however see the total number of followers a player has.
When you open a chat message box with the player, you can block them by clicking on the three-dot menu button and choosing ‘block’ from the drop down options available.
The ‘stop symbol’ button will show you the list of players you have blocked. It also has an option to unblock.
With MPL Chat, you can send and receive messages, challenge players to different games.
You can send and receive messages, challenge players to battle with them in different games.
You can start a new conversation by opening the chat tab, and clicking on the blue chat icon that will help you search and select the player you want to have a chat with.
You can chat or send the challenge to any player who is out of your block list.
The games that you can use for challenges are seen when you click the ‘view all games’ in the ‘challenge now’ section of the chat.
Yes, if you opt for a cash challenge, the amount equivalent to the challenge will be debited from your wallet.
You can send the cash challenges, token challenges and free challenges. There is no limit on the amount that you can choose for the same.
Yes you can send free challenges from the ‘challenge now’ section in the chat.
If the challenge is not accepted the money will be refunded to the wallet.
If the challenge is expired the money will be refunded to the wallet.
If the other player rejects the challenge, the challenge ends and your money if debited will be credited back to your account.
If the other player accepts the challenge, the challenge begins and both of you will be directed to the game play.
Groups are chat rooms where you can message and chat with two or more people.
Public groups can be searched and requested to join, whereas private groups are not visible except to the members. Only the admins can add people to the private groups.
Every person can create a group. When you create a group, you become the group admin and you are the only person who can invite people to join the group.
Clicking on the blue chat button on the chat page - then by tapping ‘new group’ - you can add participants by searching for them; or from your contacts, followers, people you follow - after which you can add a group picture, group name, group description. Then click on ‘create group’ to complete the group creation process.
You can search and invite/add any MPL player to the group.
Only the Group Owner can remove users from the group.
Only the Group Owner can change the group information.
Any member of the group can add new users to the group.
Any member of the group can create challenges in the group.
Currently, anyone member of the group can create an audio show.
At any given point of time, one host can only create one audio show.
There is a specific percentage of total money pledged that shall be given to the host as commission for hosting the group challenges.
You don’t get a commission for hosting shows. But you retain all the gifts you receive in cash and tokens after MPL has deducted its fee.
The challenge will expire and money, if deducted, will be refunded back to your wallet.
You can share your group by clicking on the ‘share group tab’ from inside the group info page.
Yes, you can see the active challenges and historical challenges completed from under the ‘challenges’ tab inside the group.
You can now redeem your daily rewards through our Rewards Genie’ in place of spin-wheel.
Rewards Genie is similar to the spin-wheel rewards. Additionally, now you can see the rewards that are redeemed/missed everyday in a chat format.
You cannot send a message to the Rewards Genie as it is a system generated chat.