Bloxmash – Match The Tiles and Build a Fortune

Bloxmash is a tile matching game in which you have to match the randomly given tiles to fit into each other and make horizontal lines one after the other. It is one of the most popular genres of puzzle games and on MPL you can earn money while enjoying this game.

Bloxmash is available in tournament mode as well as battle mode. Read on to know why thousands of players are addicted to this simple yet amazing game. Keep fitting the tiles and increase your chances to earn money on Mobile Premier League.

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Rules & Game Elements

The game starts with an empty board and a random sequence of tiles or ‘Blox’ start falling down one by one. These tiles are made of 4 square blocks, each shaped in a particular way. As soon as the tile reaches the bottom it settles down. The objective of the game is to turn these blox in such a way that when they reach the bottom they form a horizontal line without any gaps. Once this line is formed it clears from the board giving way for the other line to be formed. When the blox is falling down, you get to see where it will land by looking at the bottom of the board. This helps you to decide if you want to place your tile there or any other location.

There is a box on the left hand side of the board which indicates the level while there are boxes on the right side which show us what kind of tiles are in sequence to follow; this helps us in deciding to place the current tiles accordingly.

To rotate the tiles you need to tap on the screen and keep on tapping until you get the desired orientation to fit your already-laid tiles. Drag to either left or right to pull your tile to the desired side. Your score increases as you keep on making more and more horizontal lines. There is another way to increase the score and that is to pull down the falling tile quickly to the ground; this will give you extra points. When you make certain number of horizontal lines and clear them your level increases. The speed of the falling tile increases as the game progresses to higher levels.

There is no time limit in this game and you are provided with only one life. Also, there are any power ups or any obstacles in this game. The game ends once your built “wall” reaches the top.

Types of Tiles:

There are 7 types of tiles in Bloxmash; I, J, L, S, Z and T and a solid square (J, L and S, Z are mirror images of each other). While all the tiles are capable of clearing single and double horizontal lines, L and J can clear triple lines whereas, I can clear four horizontal lines simultaneously.

This game is also available in battle mode where two players battle it out against each other. Both players start the game at the same time and keep scoring until one of them reaches the top and the game ends while the other surpasses their score or reaches the top themselves. In battle mode winnings are credited immediately and there is no need to wait for the tournament to end.

You can keep playing for as long as you can there is no time limit in this game. However, in tournament mode, your game might be interrupted and your current score will be submitted, if the tournament ends. In battle mode if you cross you opponents final score, you win.

How to Play Bloxmash

Tournaments: In the MPL app select the game Bloxmash. Select a tournament from the list of available ones. Confirm tournament fees and start your game. You can play unlimited number of times while the tournament is live. Only the best score of every player will be used for calculating the final ranks and winners are rewarded accordingly after the tournament has ended. To join a tournament you need to use earned tokens or cash in your wallet. If you’re short of cash you can add cash to your account at any time through the MPL pro app.

1vs1 Battles: To play in a 1 vs 1 battle, go to the battles tab in MPL app and select Bloxmash game. You can choose any battle room. When you start a battle, you’re matched against an opponent. Once the fee is deducted, battle will start and both the players will start making the horizontal lines. The player scoring higher in a battle takes home the winning amount. You can play for cash for higher winnings or play in token rooms.

Game Play/Controls:Once the tiles start falling down you quickly need to decide where to place it and also in what orientation. You must tap to manipulate the tile’s orientation and drag to left or right to pull it to the desired direction. Dragging down will make your tile settle down quickly on the floor giving you extra points. The speed, at which the tiles fall down, increases as the level increases. There is no timer in this game so you can play as long as you keep on making horizontal lines without reaching the top of the board.

Scoring: You get points for making horizontal lines without any gaps in it. The more you make such lines, higher will be your score. Bonus points are given when you quickly pull down the falling tile on the floor. Clearing multiple lines in one go earns you extra points.

Bloxmash - End Game
The game ends if the blox reaches the top

Game End: The game ends if your wall reaches the top of the board. There is no time limit in this game.

Game Preview:

Tips & Tricks

  • Place the tiles such that they form horizontal lines and avoid making vertical blocks as this might lead to early end of the game.
  • Make sure that the tile fits into the already formed pattern on the ground. You can see the prompt of its placement at the bottom.
  • Pull down the tile only if you are sure of the fitting and gain more points.
  • Try and get used to the increasing speed and be quick to adjust the tiles by tapping quickly.
  • Keep a close watch on the upcoming tiles and place the one on the board accordingly.
  • Join a tournament / Battle room as per your skill level. Some tournaments are easy and less competitive.

Now that you know all about Bloxmash, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the MPL pro app to start playing this addictive game and earn money. If you like playing this game, don’t forget to create a shortcut for Bloxmash on your home screen. Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions or you think we can improve this guide.

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