Games – Frequently Asked Questions

A Tournament runs for a specific time period.
A user can register for a tournament in a game of their choice by paying a participation fee. Based on the tournament’s format, the user can play an unlimited number of games in the specified time period before the tournament ends to improve their high-score. Users will be awarded the prize money based on their position on the high-score leader-board.
On the home screen, select the game you want to play. If the selected game has tournaments, they will be displayed in a list with a trophy symbol (?). Select the tournament and register for it by paying the entry fee. After your registration is successful, you will be able to play the tournament within the specified time.
Open the MPL App -> Select the Game -> Click the option button(three dots) on the top right of screen>> Click on Game History.
Open the MPL App >> Open Your profile >> Go to “Favourite Games” >> click on View All Games.
Battles are one-time game-play against opponents. Battles also have an entry fee and the winning amount is immediately credited to the winner’s MPL Wallet. These battles can be one-on-one game-plays or multiplayer - multi-winner game-plays.
Yes, you can play battles with all of the above. There could be battle rooms with entry fee specified in Tokens or Cash, or in some cases FREE as well. The fee for every battle is always displayed on the button on the battle room card.
Open the MPL app -> Select the Game -> Click on “...” (options button) on top right corner -> Click on “game history” on the pop up. If a game supports battles only; you can view all your battles history. If a game supports both tournaments & battles, you can click on battles tab to see the entire battle history for the game.
You will be matched with another MPL user playing in the same battle room. MPL employs algorithms to match players based on their skill level.
We try to reconnect you. At the end of 10 seconds, if you are not back, your game will end. You might win or lose based on your last recorded score.
A battle ends when both you and your opponent have ended their games. When this happens, if your score is greater than your opponent's then you WIN. If your score is equal to your opponent's score at the end of the battle, the game is TIED and both of you will get your battle entry fee back to your accounts. These are possible scenarios in which a battle could end:
Your game has ended first
  • If your score was lower than your opponent's score, your opponent's game ends as well and you LOSE
  • If your score is higher than your opponent's score, the opponent can continue to play until they beat your score or his/her game ends. You will be shown a GAME OVER screen where you can see your opponent's progress.
    • If they beat your score, you LOSE.
    • If their gams ends before reaching your score, You WIN
Your opponent's game has ended first
  • If your score was higher than your opponent's, your game will end as well and you WIN.
  • If your score was lower than your opponent's, you can continue to play till you beat your opponent's score or till your game ends.
    • If you beat your opponent's score you WIN
    • If your game ends before you reach your opponent's score, you LOSE
You can exit the screen and continue playing other battles or tournaments. Your battle will show in the games history in the specific game as pending result. When your opponent ends their game, the result will be updated there.
You will get the winnings in your MPL account as soon as the battle has ended.
The point system is based on how fast you answer the question. Please go through the game rules (“How to play”) for more details.
Yes. Also, the user needs to play one game on PUBG / FreeFire before being able to play MPL tournaments.
You might have joined the room after the game started. If you still have any queries, please contact our customer support team.
You can raise an unblock request via Helpdesk to bring this to our notice. It will take us a minimum of 48 hours to process the request and send you an update.
In some cases, it can take our team longer to vet the issue. You will receive an SMS with an update when we do.
Users suspicious of fraudulent activity are blocked from the game. MPL strives to ensure fair gameplay for all its users and hence blocking such fraudulent activity is of prime importance.
You can check the fraud policy in the Terms and Conditions section on the app.