Games – Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the maximum duration for which the game can be paused is 10 seconds. It may change in the future.
No, The pause timer is cumulative i.e everytime the game is paused, duration decreases by the amount of time the game was paused for. Example: If total pause time is 10 seconds, and the game is paused for 5 seconds, The next time you pause the game, pause countdown timer will start from 5 seconds.
If the pause timer ends, the game will end. The score that you got in the current game session will be submitted.
No, you only need to be connected to the Internet to submit your score.
It varies from game to game.
No, If you quit the game, or if by any chance MPL app is killed, the score will not be submitted.
A window will be given to reconnect to the internet and submit the score. If you are not able to submit your score in that window due to internet issue or any other issue, your score will be rejected.
Your Highest Score is considered in a Tournament's leaderboard. Leaderboard will show your Rank accordingly.