Games – Frequently Asked Questions

Games FAQ

Battles are one time gameplay against opponents. You are supposed to pay once and if you win you will get the winning amount immediately in the wallet. These battles can be one on one gameplays or multiplayer - multi-winner gameplays. However, in tournaments there is a single entry fee deducted and you can play as many games as possible to score the highest possible score.
Find a battle room as per your liking under the game of your choice. Each battle room has an entry fee per battle. Pay to play once. Amount gets deducted each time you start a new battle.
It depends on each battle room. You can see the total winnings amount of the battle room on the battle room card and also in the match-making screen. In case of multiplayer multi winner battles; total prize pool is distributed amongst specified number of top winners.
It is the number of players who have played in that battle room since the battle room was live.
Yes, you can play battles with all of the above. There could be battle rooms with entry fee specified in Tokens or Cash or in some cases FREE as well. Fee per battle is always displayed on the button on the battle room card.
Currently, there is no limit on the number of battles you can play. Play more to win more.
You need to play at least one battle in that battle room.
You need to play at least one battle in that battle room.
Some battle rooms might close at a particular time. They may or may not open again.
Open MPL app -> Select the Game -> Click on “...” on top right corner -> Click on “game history” on the pop up. If a game supports battles only; you can view all your battles history. If a game supports both tournaments & battles, you can click on battles tab to see the entire battles history for the game.
You will be matched with another MPL user playing in the same battle room and we employ algorithms to match players with your skill level; hence, increasing your chances to win.
Your fee is not deducted from your MPL account till an opponent has been found
Your fee is not deducted from your MPL account till your matched opponent has been found
If either you or your opponent leaves before the Game Starts, your fee will be refunded. This generally takes less than 5 minutes. However, in some extreme cases it might take up to 24 Hours.
If either you or your opponent leaves before the Game Starts, your fee will be refunded. This generally takes less than 5 minutes. However, in some extreme cases it might take up to 24 Hours. We will try to match you automatically with another opponent.
Your opponent's screen is visible:
  1. On the top of the screen, if you are currently playing.
  2. On the game over screen, if your game has ended and the opponent is still playing.
Ludo is a game based on luck. MPL gives players to win cash for games of skill and not luck. Still, there are special events in Ludo where you can win cash prizes when you win many battles in ‘Ludo Premier League’.
We try to reconnect you. At the end of 10 seconds, if you are not back, your game will end. You might win or lose based on your last recorded score.
Your game will end. You might win or lose based on your last recorded score.
You will not be able to pause the game in the middle
A battle ends when both you and your opponent have ended their games. When this happens, if your score is greater than your opponent's then you WIN. If your score is equal to your opponent's score at the end of the battle, the game is TIED and both of you will get your battle entry fee back to your accounts. These are possible scenarios in which a battle could end: Your game has ended first
  • If your score was lower than your opponent's score, your opponent's game ends as well and you LOSE
  • If your score is higher than your opponent's score, the opponent can continue to play until he/she beats your score or his/her game ends. You will be shown a GAME OVER screen where you can see your opponent's progress.
  1. If he beats your score, you LOSE.
  2. If his games ends before reaching your score, You WIN
Your opponent's game has ended first
  • If your score was higher than your opponent's, your game will end as well and you WIN.
  • If your score was lower than your opponent's, you can continue to play till you beat your opponent's score or till your game ends.
  1. If you beat your opponent's score you WIN
  2. If your game ends before you reach your opponent's score, you LOSE
You can exit the screen and continue playing other battles or tournaments. Your battle will show in the games history in the specific game as Pending Result. When your opponent ends their game, the result will be updated there.
Most of the time, this option is not available. You can challenge an opponent after your battle ends by tapping on the green "Re-Match" Button (if it is available). Your opponent has 10 seconds to respond to your challenge. If your opponent accepts your challenge, a new battle will begin. Battle entry fee will be deducted again from each of your accounts. If your opponent does not accept, you can find another player or exit to battle room.
You will get the winnings in your MPL account as soon as the battle has ended.
Battle Room Leaderboard shows how many battles players have won in that battle room so far. Please note this Leaderboard expires when the battle room closes.
Rapid Fire is a format where you have to play and win as many battles as possible in a battle room by paying the entry fee only one time. The prize money will be given based on the number of times you won in the battle room. Your wins determine your rank in Rapid Fire.
Leaderboard contests are contests where you will be rewarded cash prizes if you play high number of battles in the battle rooms that are shown in the leaderboard contests. You will be ranked depending on the total number of battles you have played in those battle rooms since the start of the contest.
When you play battles in the battle rooms which have offers in them, you will be able to win deposit cash for playing a certain amount of games in them. You will be able to see more details by tapping on the offer.
No. The cash won for completing an exclusive offer cannot be withdrawn. You can use it to play in other battle rooms to earn more cash, which can be withdrawn.
If you qualify for the prize, MPL Team will contact you through the mobile number you have logged in on MPL. We will ask you for your information and follow the process to deliver your prize to you.
Generally, the maximum duration for which the game can be paused is 10 seconds. It may change in the future.
No, The pause timer is cumulative i.e every time the game is paused, duration decreases by the amount of time the game was paused for. Example: If total pause time is 10 seconds, and the game is paused for 5 seconds, The next time you pause the game, the pause countdown timer will start from 5 seconds.
If the pause timer ends, the game will end. The score that you got in the current game session will be submitted.
Yes, you will need to be connected to the internet for playing the game.
It varies from game to game.
No, If you quit the game, or if by any chance the MPL app is killed, the score will not be submitted.
A window will be given to reconnect to the internet and submit the score. If you are not able to submit your score in that window due to internet issues or any other issue, your score will be rejected.
Your Highest Score is considered in a Tournament's leaderboard. The leaderboard will show your Rank accordingly.
There are cases where special battle rooms are shown to users depending on their skill and past activity on the app.
In BEAT THE SCORE tournaments, cash prizes will be awarded to the players as long as they can reach a specified score in the game within limited attempts. The cash prizes that is awarded might increase too if your overall high score is higher than the other players who registered. If you feel that you can make a better score and your chances are exhausted, you can always register again to increase your number of attempts.
Knock Out Tournament is a traditional format where players will be able to move to higher rounds and win higher money prizes by winning against other players and eliminating them. After registering, join the match at the specified time and defeat your opponent and get qualified to the next round, all the way till finals. The more rounds you win, the better cash prizes you get.