Run out : Fast Paced Cricket Based Game

Cricket in India is nothing less than a religion. So anything to do with cricket and everybody is out with their own set of likes and dislikes along with their own expertise. Now, one doesn’t really need to be a fan to understand that all the three aspects of cricket : batting, bowling and fielding are as important as food, shelter and clothing. Although many people say that fielding comes in third, this part of the game cannot be taken lightly. There are many important matches which saw a crucial turn because of skillful and adept fielding be it catches or run out. Our game Run out is similar to the actual skill set in more than one area.

Run Out tests the abilities of true cricket players and fans! In this fast-paced game built on the cricket theme, players need to take aim at the stumps and get the batsman out by hitting the stumps – basically Run Out! Now it may sound very simple but then there are few things to be taken into consideration.

Available in both tournaments & battles, the aim of this game is to score maximum points without losing all the lives.

This sports genre game is really popular among cricket fans. Read on to know more about how to master this game to maximize your earnings.

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Rules & Game Elements

As the name suggests, the aim of Run Out game is to get the batsman runout and score maximum points while doing so. The game starts with a batsman running towards the crease and you have to aim the ball in front of you towards the highlighted stumps (black) to get him out.


The three stumps in this game are highlighted and one of them being black. Hitting the black stump is getting the perfect hit. So try and aim for the black stump to ensure victory every time.

Wind Speed and Wind Direction

Like in real cricket here too we need to keep a close watch on the wind speed and the direction as this may affect our aim. Whenever there is a change in wind speed or direction there will be a prompt on the screen showing us the speed and the direction in which the wind is blowing. This enables us to change our angle so as to hit the stumps correctly. So watch out for the white and pink arrows and decide on your aim.

In-Field and Out-Field Bonus Points

The distance from where we hit the stumps matters as well. The farther you are from the stumps the more difficult it is to hit them accurately. That is the reason points are allotted depending upon the distance from where we hit. We get 1 bonus point for hits within the inner circle of the field and 2 bonus points for hits outside the inner circle.


We have three balls, which represent the lives, at the beginning of the game. If we miss the stumps or the batsman reaches the crease then we lose a ball, that means a life is lost eventually ending the game.

Battle Mode Rules

As stated earlier, this game can be played both in tournament and battle mode. Although the basic rules remain the same, here, we cannot pause in between and if by any reason we back out of the battle once it starts we automatically lose. So make sure that you are well prepared and have a good internet connection before you take the leap.

How to Play Run Out

Playing a Tournament: In the MPL app select the game Run Out. Then select a tournament from the available list. Do not forget to check the tournament fees before confirming and you are all set. There is no limit on the number of rounds one wants to play while the tournament is still Live. Remember, your best score would be recorded and that would be used for calculating the final ranks. Winners are rewarded accordingly only after the tournament ends. There are two types of tournaments available, one that requires tokens or cash (which is in your wallet). If you find that you are short of cash for a specific tournament, you can add it to your account any time through the MPL Pro App completely hassle free.

Starting a Battle : In the MPL app, go to the battle section and select a battle according to your choice. You are matched with another player who becomes your opponent. Once the fee is deducted, the battle starts and both the players start playing. The player who scores the higher at the end of the battle wins. These battles are available for cash rewards or tokens. Once the battle starts you cannot withdraw, doing so will end your game and you automatically lose.

Game Play/Controls :

Your game starts as soon as the countdown ends. The ball is going to be in the middle of the screen. Quickly check for the alignment with the stumps and flick the ball towards the stumps before the batsman reaches the crease. Hitting the stumps will take you further in the game but missing the stumps or batsman reaching the crease first will lose a life. Flicking the ball means swiping it ahead towards the aim. Target the stumps while keeping an eye on the wind speed and direction. If the arrows point towards the right that means the direction of the wind is towards that side and you need to adjust your direction of the swipe. Hitting the black stump gives you a perfect score. Swipe / flick to aim.

Scoring : You get points for hitting the stumps every single time. You keep on playing until you lose all the three lives. As mentioned earlier, hitting the black stump will give a Perfect hit. Getting three perfect hits in a row will earn you 2x the scores while getting 2 perfect hits after being on 2x will give you 3x scores. Additionally, you get 1 Infield Bonus for hits within the inner circle and 2 Outfield Bonus points for hits outside the inner circle.

Game End & Score submission : The game ends if all 3 Lives are lost. Missing stumps is one way in which you can lose a life or being too slow and the batsman reaches the crease first. Premature ending will mean end of the Tournament.

Tips & Tricks

  • Maximize the bonus by continuous perfect hits.
  • Be Careful not to miss stumps.
  • Be Cautious of the wind direction.
  • Play cool and take proper aim. Don’t flick/swipe ASAP to avoid mistakes.
  • Don’t be confused when both set of stumps are in view. You have to aim for the stumps which have one black stump.
  • Select battle room / tournament wisely

That’s all you need to know to master Run Out on MPL. Start earning money by playing Run Out now by downloading the MPL pro app. We are sure you would love playing this game, so do not forget to create a shortcut for Run Out on your home screen.

We would like to know your experience with this game and you feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Do drop in the same in the comments section along with your questions, if any.

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