Tournament – Frequently Asked Questions

Tournaments – FAQs

When you open the app & log in, you reach the home screen of the app. In this screen you can see all the Games which you can play on MPL along with a list of tournaments for each game. These tournaments vary in terms of how long they run, what is the prize money as well as the entry fee. Entry fee is the number of tokens you need to join the tournament. In case of our Pro App, you can see tournaments which you can join using cash as well. Once you select a tournament, you are taken to the details page where you can see the prize money distribution for the tournament. While the prize money is almost always Real Money, there are certain tournaments which can earn you tokens or both cash & tokens. Once you select the pay button, the entry fee is deducted from you token or cash balance (in case of MPL Pro App) and you will be registered for the tournament.
There are two ways to check your current rank in a tournament. Firstly, at the end of every game, you can see your rank in the tournament along with your next and previous ranks. You can also see the entire leader-board for the tournament by clicking on the view leader-board button on the top right of this screen. Secondly, you can access your rank by checking the My Tournaments section on the home screen. You can see all the tournaments you have registered for along with ranks and your winnings.
On the home screen, you can go to the My Tournaments section at the bottom of the screen. Here you can see all the tournaments you have ever registered for. You can see the details of the tournament, start a game or check the leader-board for any of these tournaments.
Each tournament has a specified entry fee that you need to pay to join it. This may start from as low as Rs. 3 and go up to a few thousands as well. They are also tournaments where the entry fee is in specified as a certain number of tokens.
You can register for tournaments using tokens when the entry fee for the tournament is specified in tokens. These tournaments can be found in the All Games tab for each of the games.
Tournaments are available for durations as low as 1 hour to as high as even a day or more.
Unless specified explicitly, there is, generally, no minimum requirements on number of participants needed for a tournament to begin. Winners will still be awarded prizes based on their rank.
Number of winners in a given tournament and their prize money varies from one tournament to another. The prize money distribution for any tournament is available in the details of the tournament accessible by clicking on the tournament from All Games or My Games tab.
Unless specified explicitly, there is, generally, no limit on how many times you can attempt to play the game within the duration of the tournament.
You win in a tournament if your rank in the tournament is eligible for prize money as specified in the prize distribution table for the tournament. Your rank is calculated based on your best score across all your attempts during the course of the tournament.
In every tournament, based on your rank in the tournament, you are eligible for a prize money. For example, . In such a tournament, if your rank is 10, then you win Rs. 100. This table is accessible through the tournament details screen.
In some cash tournaments, some prizes may be awarded in the form of tokens as well. These are called token prizes.
Yes. Even tournaments where entry fee is quoted in tokens, unless otherwise specified, the prize money is generally real cash only.
Guaranteed Prize Tournaments are tournaments without a requirement on minimum number of players needed for the tournament to begin. For example, in a tournament with 100 open slots and only 20 people have joined, the tournament is still valid and prizes will be awarded as announced. Unless otherwise specified, all tournaments generally are guaranteed prize tournaments.
Rank in a tournament is calculated by sorting (in descending order) the best scores of every participant across all their attempts during the course of the tournament.
Possible Winnings are the winnings shown on the tournament leaderboard during the course of tournament. These are indicative numbers to represent prize money you stand to win if you hold your current rank till the end of the tournament.
When n players tie on the same score, all of them will get the same rank and the next n-1 ranks are skipped. The total prize money of all the n ranks is divided equally among these n players.
Unfortunately, No. Once you have registered for a tournament, and the entry fee has been deducted, it cannot be refunded.
Unfortunately, No. Once you have registered for a tournament, and the entry fee has been deducted, it cannot be refunded.
Apologies, if you have faced this situation. Cash or tokens that have been deducted will be credited back to your cash or token balances automatically. If you do not see the credit within 24 hours, please get in touch with our customer support.
Currently, we do not support private tournaments. However, You may invite your friends to MPL and coordinate to join the same public tournament if you wish. Please note that you are eligible for referral bonus(es) on every friend who signs up on MPL with your referral link. Invite now
We actively monitor all the tournaments for suspicious activities and take appropriate steps against anybody who is trying to hack them. We have advanced fraud detection and prevention systems to avoid hacks. If you come across anybody who is trying to do that, please report to us.