Go Ride – An Exciting Bike Riding Game

Go Ride is an amazing bike riding game in the MPL app which is quite popular because of its simple rules and easy-to-use game controls. You can download MPL app from play store to play Go Ride and make high scores and earn money. There is no time limit in this game and you can play as long as you can without crashing your motorbike.

The game is available in tournament and 1 vs 1 battle mode. Read more about this fun game in this article and increase your chances to earn money by having the ride of your life on your mobile phone.

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Rules & Game Elements

You are provided with a motorbike and all you need to do is maneuver it on the road through oncoming vehicles without crashing. There is a specific speed that you need to keep your bike in. Riding too slow will not get you any points and you will not score.

There is no time limit in this game and you need to ride as far as you can in order to build a high score. There are no extra lives provided and crashing your bike will result in ending the game. Though mostly you only need to rotate your phone to turn left or right, you also need to use the brake button to slow down. There are ways in which you can score some extra points like performing a ‘near miss’ i.e. almost colliding with another vehicle.

How to Play Go Ride    

In the MPL app select Go Ride game. There you’ll be presented with a number of tournaments and battles in the game itself. Select and join a tournament or battle according to your choice and expertise. Once the fee is deducted, you can start playing the game. Play unlimited number of times to improve your score while the tournament is running. Winners are rewarded as per the final ranking after the tournament. While playing in battle rooms when you click on play, you’ll be matched against an opponent. The player scoring higher in a battle takes home the winning amount. You can play for cash for higher winnings or play in token rooms.

Game Play/Controls: The game begins with a countdown and you need to be ready as the bike starts moving forward and you need to be in control instantly. As mentioned earlier, you need to rotate your phone in order to turn left or right. You need to constantly keep your bike in a good speed as riding too slow will not give you any score. There is a brake button on the screen on your left and you need to press it to slow down your bike in case it is too fast to handle. Make sure that you have a good control over the bike as even a slight slip can cause it to crash thereby ending the game. The road is quite deserted in the beginning but then the other vehicles start coming towards you and you have to glide and slide through all these to keep on riding ahead and score high.

Scoring: Riding as far as possible is going to give you points; so staying on the road and riding is going to get you your desired score. When you go past any oncoming vehicle by passing quite close to it you get 20 points. Going too slow will not fetch you any points while performing a ‘near miss’ stunt will earn you 40 extra points. Your speed and the time on the road will decide your total score.

Go Ride - end game
Crashing the bike will end your game

Game End: There are no extra lives in this game and crashing your motorbike will end the game.

Game Preview

Tips & Tricks

  • Maintain good speed and slow down if you think the vehicle is going out of control.
  • Keep a watch on the road as the oncoming vehicles appear quite quickly leaving no time to think.
  • Keep moving your bike from one lane to another from the beginning as this will help you to avoid collision with other vehicles.
  • Although performing a near miss gets you extra points make sure that you don’t crash instead.
  • Practice is the key.
  • Join a tournament/battle room as per your skill level. Some tournaments are easy and less competitive.

Go Ride is as fun as riding a bike and crashing your vehicle here is not going to be fatal at all. This game can be played on MPL app and you can earn points and money while having lots of fun. Now that you know everything about this game we are sure that you would score really high and win awards. Do not forget to create a shortcut on your mobile for your favourite game.

We look forward to your suggestions, feedback and experience playing this game. Do drop in your valuable comments in the section below.

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