Basketball – An Addictive Ballgame

Basketball is an addictive game available on the MPL platform only in the tournament mode right now. You can download MPL app from play store to play Basketball and play unlimited in any tournament of your choice. There is a time limit in this game and you need to make as many baskets in the given time limit and score. You can play unlimited number of times while the tournament is still live and try and get the highest score.

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Rules & Game Elements

You are presented with a virtual basketball setup where there is a basket at a distance and you are provided with a set of balls. There is a timer which is shows the time left and a score board. You need to flick the ball in order to throw it into the basket. Two consecutive baskets give you a golden ball. Once you are able to score a basket with this golden ball you get bonus points.

Although a pretty simple game, there is one twist that has been added to it. The basket starts moving from side to side and it becomes difficult to make perfect baskets while it is moving. One has to be quick in aiming and flicking the ball otherwise the chances of scoring points become very low.

The aim is to keep on making perfect baskets in the given time and score as high as possible. You cannot take too long to aim as the basket starts moving after a certain time. So you need to score to a maximum to win prizes at the end of the tournament. Once you join a tournament, you can play as many times as you want and only the highest score submitted by every player will be taken into consideration. Players are rewarded on the basis of final rankings once the tournament ends.

How to Play Basketball

This game is available only in the tournament mode right now and you can play it by selecting Basketball game in the MPL app. Then you’ll be shown a number of tournaments. Select and join a tournament of your choice and once the fee is deducted, you can start playing the game. Play unlimited number of times to improve your score while the tournament is still live. Winners are rewarded as per the final ranking after the tournament. To join a tournament earn tokens or add cash to your account if you have downloaded MPL pro app.

Basketball - How to play
Aim and flick the ball into the basket

Game Play/Controls: The game begins and you have to start flicking the balls into the basket. You can score quite easily in the beginning when the basket is steady. It becomes a little difficult when the basket starts moving from side to side. Avoid taking too much time while this happens as this is a time based game. Now, you don’t need to be Michael Jordan to play this basketball but a little practice will help you a long way especially when it comes to aiming a moving basket. This will help you master your hand-eye coordination and it will surely help you in making a high score. The speed of the game depends on the player. The quicker you flick the ball the faster you make perfect baskets and get a high score.

Basketball - Scoring
2 consecutive baskets give a golden ball

Scoring: Each perfect basket earns you 3 points otherwise it gives you 2 points. Two consecutive baskets give you a Golden ball and pocketing a basket with this golden ball gives you 10 points. The ball returns to the base every time so you get as many chances as possible in the given time period.

  • Perfect basket 3 points
  • Two consecutive baskets give Golden Ball
  • Putting the Golden Ball in the basket gives 10 points
Basketball - Time
Score as much as possible in the given time

Game End : This is a time-based game so it ends when the time ends. There are no lives in this game or any power ups.

Game Preview

Tips & Tricks

  • Do not take too much time to aim as this is a limited-time game.
  • Make as many baskets as possible and score high.
  • Try and make 2 consecutive baskets to get Golden ball.
  • Practice is the key when it comes to aiming a moving basket.
  • Join a tournament as per your skill level. Some tournaments are easy and less competitive.

Basketball is a fun and addictive game available in the tournament mode of MPL app. Now that you are geared up with all these tips we are sure that you would score really high and win awards. Do not forget to create a shortcut on your mobile for your favourite game. So shoot some hoops and dunk as many points in your kitty as possible.

We look forward to your suggestions, feedback and experience playing this game. Do drop in your valuable comments in the section below.

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