Runner No. 1 – Best Endless Running Game

Runner No. 1, as the name suggests is an infinite running game where you try to outsmart obstacles and outrun a hungry bear. It is one of the most popular gaming categories and now you can earn money by participating in tournaments on MPL and creating a high score. Collect coins, avoid obstacles, use power-ups and keep the hungry bear at bay.

Runner No. 1 is available in tournament mode as well as battle mode. Read on to know why thousands of players are going crazy for this addictive game. Keep running and increase your chances to earn money on Mobile Premier League.

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Rules & Game Elements

The game starts with player trying to run away from a big brown bear. Objective of the game is to keep running and avoid any obstacles that come in the way. You can move the player to the left or right by tilting the device. Slide up or down to avoid obstacles. Collect coins on your way to increase your score.

Power-Ups :

You can collect power-ups on the way to increase your score. Jump through a power-up to collect it. You can check the timer of the activated power-up around the power-up icon to know its availability. These are the 4 different types of power-ups

  • Magnet : When activated, all the coins around you will be automatically collected.
  • Rocket : When activated, it zooms you past all obstacles and covers a large distance by flying. Please note that you can’t collect coins during this power-up.
  • Star Speed (2X) : When activated, the running speed is increased by 2X.
  • Heart : When activated, player will not be killed by any obstacle.

Battle Mode – This game is also available in battle mode where two players battle it out against each other. Both players start the game at the same time and keep scoring until one of them dies and the other one surpasses their score or dies themselves. In battle mode winnings are credited immediately and there is no need to wait for the tournament to end.

You can keep running for as long as you can, there is no time limit in this game. However, in tournament mode, your game might be interrupted and your current score will be submitted, if the tournament ends. In battle mode if you cross you opponents final score, you win.

How to Play Runner No. 1

Tournaments : In the MPL app select the game Runner No. 1. Select a tournament from the list of available tournaments. Confirm tournament fees and start your game. You can play unlimited number of times while the tournament is live. Only the best score of every player will be used for calculating the final ranks and winners are rewarded accordingly after the tournament has ended. To join a tournament you need to use earned tokens or cash in your wallet. If you’re short of cash you can add cash to your account at any time through the MPL pro app.

1vs1 Battles : To play in a 1 vs 1 battle, go to the battles tab in MPL app and select Runner No. 1 game. You can choose any battle room. When you start a battle, you’re matched against an opponent. Once the fee is deducted, battle will start and both the players will start running. The player scoring higher in a battle takes home the winning amount. You can play for cash for higher winnings or play in token rooms.

Game Play/Controls :

Your runner player starts running as soon as the game starts. You can tilt your device to left and right to move your player towards left or right. You’ll need to move left and right on the track to collect coins or avoid some obstacles. Swipe down to slide on ground, mainly to slide under some obstacles. Swipe a finger up to make the player jump. You’ll need to jump over obstacles or to collect power-ups and coins. Power-ups give you different special abilities like coin magnetism, invincibility or increased speed for short duration. Apart from the Star Speed power-up, Game speed remains constant throughout and there is no timer, so you can play for as long as you can and score high if you are consistency and play carefully.

Scoring : You get points for the distance covered. The longer you run before dying, higher will be your score. Bonus points are given for the coins collected during the run. Total score is calculated by adding the coins score to the total distance traveled.

Game End : The game ends if you hit any obstacle like hitting a trunk or falling in a pit or fall out of the track on the turn. There is no time limit in this game.

Game Preview:

Tips & Tricks

  • Collect coins – Coins collected are added to your final score so remember to collect coins on your way.
  • Select your power-ups. Not all power-ups give same benefit, for e.g. star speed might make you prone to killing yourself. Do not activate it if you can’t handle it.
  • Be careful when the power-up is about to end. Keep track of the timer around the power-up icon.
  • Join a tournament / Battle room as per your skill level. Some tournaments are easy and less competitive.
  • In battle mode focus on staying alive. Once your opponent is dead, you can achieve the target if you are alive.

Now that you know all about Runner No. 1, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the MPL pro app to start playing runner no. 1 and earn money. If you like playing this game, don’t forget to create a shortcut for runner no. 1 on your home screen. Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions or you think we can improve this guide.

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