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Carrom is one of the most loved games on MPL app and is based on the original tabletop game. It is played on a standard carrom table with four pockets with white black coins (9 each), a queen and a striker. It is played in both Professional as well as Freestyle.

A recent addition to MPL, Carrom is only available in the battle mode. This game has become very popular 1vs1 battle games in a short time. So get ready to prove your skills against other players at this addictive game.           

Since it is based on an actual sport, therefore Carrom is categorized into the Sports genre. Continue reading to know the rules in detail and also learn some tricks that can help you win the battles and win more money on MPL.

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Rules & Game Elements

The rules of Carrom on MPL follow all the original rules of the actual game. This game can only be played in battle mode. Both players take turns one by one and try to pocket all their assigned coins (in professional) and all possible coins (in freestyle) and try to win. The player who pockets all the coins and eventually the queen wins the professional match while the player who scores higher than the opponent with an empty board wins the freestyle match wins the game.

Carrom - How to play
Drag the striker left or right for the desired position on the striker line

Table: You are provided with a standard virtual carrom board with 4 pockets; one at every corner.

Striker: A striker is provided which you can drag to move on the striker line and take the aim by dragging it down.

Coins: You are provided with 18 coins (Black and White; 9 each) and a queen. Along with this you have the striker.

Game beginning setup: Once the game begins you are provided with a ring of coins arranged with the queen in the center and other coins surrounding it.

Break: One player is assigned to break the ring by aiming at it with the striker. If the player is unable to break within the given time then the opponent gets a chance to do so.

Assigning Blacks and Whites: In the professional match the one breaking the ring has to pocket all the white coins while in freestyle both the players can pocket any coins.

Turns: This game is played in turns where the person who breaks the rack goes first. If he/she pockets the coin the same hit then the same player continues to play until he/she misses pocketing a coin or makes a foul.

Pocketing Coins: After the assignment of blacks and whites, the player needs to pocket the same kind of coins in professional match, not doing so will result in a foul.


Carrom - Fouls
Types of Fouls

Penalty: A penalty coin is returned to the board when a foul is committed (with scored coin).

How to Play Carrom

Start Battle: In your MPL app select Carrom and you can select the desired Battle Room, pay the required fees and Play. It is that simple!

  • Pocket all the coins & finally the queen followed by the cover before opponent.
  • You’ll be assigned blacks or whites depending upon who gets the chance to break the ring in the professional match.
Carrom - Gameplay
Professional and Freestyle matches

Game Play/Controls: As mentioned earlier, you have to drag the striker to move (left or right) and aim at the coins. Try to get a precise angle and proper force while breaking the ring so as to pocket a coin in the very first go. Failing to pocket a coin in the first hit will give the opponent a chance.

While taking a shot make sure that the angle of the striker is correct and you have got a perfect aim. Depending upon the distance between the striker and aimed coin and also the distance between that coin and the desired pocket will decide the speed. Now hold the striker in that position and drag down and release to strike the desired coin.

You will continue to play as long as you keep on pocketing the assigned coins. Otherwise the opponent gets a turn to play.

  • Drag the striker to move and aim at the desired coin
  • Pocket all coins & finally the queen and cover before the opponent
Carrom - Winning
Winning and Scoring

Score and Winning: The aim is to pocket all the assigned coins then followed by the queen and cover in the professional match. In the freestyle match, you have to score higher than your opponent with an empty board. Here, the black coin scores 10 points, white one scores 20 and the queen scores 50 points.

Game Preview

Tips & Tricks

  • Breaking: Try to have a good first hit and spread the coins as wide as possible.
  • Accuracy is the key in every hit.
  • In the freestyle match try and pocket all the whites as they earn you more points.
  • In the professional match make sure that you don’t pocket the opponent’s coin.
  • Pocket the queen only if you are sure of pocketing the cover right after that.
  • Be Careful of the direction in which you are going to hit the coin.
  • Beware of the coins on the striker line and diagonal lines.
  • Use the force judiciously to control how hard you want to hit the coin with your striker.
  • Do not use unnecessary force otherwise you will end up pocketing the striker and commit a foul.
  • Selection of Battle room as per you skill level is required to increase your chances of winning.

Now that you know how to play this game of Carrom, we are sure that you will be able to win matches like a professional!  Don’t forget to download the MPL pro app to enjoy the game of Carrom and win cash and tokens by crushing your every opponent. Also, do not forget to create that shortcut for your favorite game on your home screen.

In case you need any help, check out our FAQs or contact support. Also let us know your feedback / suggestions in the comments section below.

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