How to earn free tokens in MPL

Tokens is the virtual currency used in MPL that can be used to participate in some tournaments. You can play for free by joining token entry tournaments using the free tokens accumulated in your account. There are multiple ways to earn tokens in MPL and we keep working on new features you can use to earn more tokens.

Currently you can earn free tokens by any of the below methods.

  1. One time welcome & sign up bonus
  2. One time bonuses for completing parts of your profile
  3. Add token coupon code to get free tokens
  4. Earn tokens by sharing the app link with your friends
  5. Earn tokens as referral bonus
  6. Play “Spin the wheel” daily to win tokens / cash or even bigger prizes like OnePlus 6T phone.
  7. Join free entry tournaments and win tokens as prizes

Earn tokens as a one time signup bonus

When you signup on MPL you earn some free cash as well as tokens to get you started with MPL tournaments. You can straightaway use these bonus tokens/cash to join tournaments. The amount of tokens or cash you get as the signup bonus depends upon the source / referrer and will be mentioned wherever you download the app from.

Please follow this step by step guide to earn tokens while signup

  • Download and install the MPL app from Google play store or MPL Pro app from our website. You can directly download the app from a friend’s referral link.
  • Open the app and Login to get welcome bonus of 20 tokens* in your account
  • If you have a referral code you can enter it on the next screen or if you installed using a referral link, app will automatically detect and add the referral bonus to your account.

Earn tokens on completing parts of your profile

You can complete your profile and some other tasks to earn tokens as one time bonuses for each of those tasks.  to view the available tasks you should tap on “Earn more tokens” button on top left or in the wallet section. Currently you can win up to 60 tokens* by completing the following tasks. Tokens are only awarded once for each of these tasks.

  • Upload profile photo
  • Upload cover photo
  • Add your Name
  • Tell us your Gender
  • Provide your Date of Birth
  • Tell us you State
  • Complete KYC
  • Withdraw your earnings once using PayTM
  • Add money to MPL

Enter token coupon code to add free tokens to your account

We keep announcing bonus token coupon codes on our various social channels. You can enter those coupon codes in the MPL app to claim the bonus tokens. Just follow the below steps to add token code to your account.

  • Open app and visit the earn more tokens section
  • Click on the “Enter Token Coupon Code” button at the bottom
  • Enter the token code and hit the Get Tokens button
  • The bonus tokens will be added to your account subject to the terms of the token code.

Earn tokens by sharing the app on social media

After you install the app and signup you get the option of earning free tokens by sharing the app link over social media. You can earn free tokens by using the share feature at regular intervals. Please follow the following steps to earn free tokens by sharing

  • Visit the wallet section on the app and tap on “Earn more tokens”
  • Hit the share buttons to instantly share and earn free tokens. You can earn tokens by sharing once after every 30 minutes*
  • Come back and share again after the specified time to earn more tokens

Earn free tokens by referring you friends to join MPL

You can also earn more tokens and even cash bonus when a friend joins MPL using your referral link shared over social media. The exact amount of tokens or cash earned by referral may keep changing without formal notice to the users. Please follow these steps to get tokens or cash as referral bonus on MPL

  • Open the app and visit the earn more tokens section
  • Copy the referral code and share with your friends or use the share button
  • When your friends download the app and signup using your share link or referral code, you get the specified amount of tokens and cash reward in your wallet.

Earn tokens / cash / goodies on daily “Spin the Wheel”

You can play spin the wheel daily and try your luck to win anything between free tokens, cash rewards and high value goodies like mobiles etc. When you open the app, everyday you get the option to spin the wheel once. You can spin once and stand a chance to win whatever prizes are available on the wheel. Come back daily for your chance to spin.

Win free tokens by joining the free entry tournaments

We also have some free tournaments which do not have any entry fee. These tournaments have limited number of slots so make sure you join soon. By playing in these tournaments you can win free tokens as per the tournament leader-board. Attempt to get higher score in the tournament to get more number of free tokens as per the prize breakup.

FAQ: Can I buy tokens using real money?
No, there’s no option to buy the tokens, but you can add cash to your account and use that cash to enter in the cash entry tournaments which are even bigger and better and have higher earnings.

FAQ: I read a guide/saw a video to earn unlimited tokens. Does this hack work?
No, there’s no legitimate way to earn unlimited tokens. You can of course share and refer the app with multiple  people and play the games daily to earn maximum amount of tokens. MPL does not take any responsibility for any unofficial guides published on the web. We promote fair play for all our players and monitor all game plays and transactions. Any player account with suspicious activities and transactions could be banned permanently from the MPL platform. So please follow any “hacking guides” at your own risk.

FAQ: I followed all steps, but I didn’t receive my tokens. Why?
Please checkout MPL Sharing FAQs for more details or write to us at with the exact query and we would be happy to help.

*  The amount or duration can be changed without prior information

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