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Pro cricket is a fun game of cricket in which you have to smash the bowlers around the park by timing your hits perfectly. Maximize your score in this limited over & limited wickets format cricket game and win money on Mobile Premier League.

This fun sports game is available on the MPL platform in both tournament as well as battle modes. This skill based game requires you to time your shots perfectly and you can smash every ball out of the park if you are able to read the bowlers properly. Quite like the real game, right! Continue reading to learn more about increasing your score in Pro Cricket.

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Rules & Game Elements

Now, you do need to check the number of overs you get as this is a limited overs and limited wickets game. You can check the same in the top left corner of the screen. Depending upon the tournament or the battle room, you get limited number of overs and limited wickets in a tournament.

Once you select the preferred match, you start playing based on timing. Depending on your hit you can score runs on each ball. You can score – 1 / 2 / 3 on a single ball or even boundaries 4/6 if you have timed and placed it impeccably. Bad reading of the balling and mistiming can lead to 0 runs or even cause you a precious wicket.

Types of bowlers – Just like the real game, you are faced with Fast / Medium / Spin / Swing / Slow balling. Each bowler’s specifics are provided to you before the over begins, so keep an eye on the details and decide on your batting strategy. Remember, different bowlers need different handling and you cannot have the same shot for every bowler.

Types of batsmen – Now a combination of left hand and right hand batting can be a blessing for any team. Similarly you are provided with this kind of batting sometimes. Just like the real game, the field changes according to the batsman. Beware of the change of hand and time and place your shots accordingly.

How to Play Pro Cricket

Join Tournaments : In the MPL app select the game Pro Cricket and select a tournament from the available list. Confirm the fees (cash or tokens)for the specific tournament and start your game. There is no restriction on the number of times you play while the tournament is live. Only your best score would be taken into consideration for calculating the final ranks. Winners are then rewarded cash/tokens accordingly after the entire tournament ends.

Start Battles : Select the battle mode of the app and choose any battle room of your choice. Once done, you are paired opposite an opponent. The fee is deducted and the battle begins where both the players start playing the match. You can see your score at the top left corner while your opponent’s score is at the top right corner of the screen. The battle ends if you or your opponent finish all the overs or end up losing all the wickets. At the end of the match, the player with the highest score wins the battle. You can play for cash or play in token rooms.

Game Play / Controls :

Since you are the batsman, the field is from your point of view. You need to tap the screen to hit the ball.Tap left or Tap right based on the bowler & the ball. To hit the ball towards offside tap right, similarly, tap left to hit towards the legside.

Timing is as important as reading the bowler’s balls. It is a combination based on the bowler and placing the ball correctly. A little knowledge about the game can really come in handy at this time. The coloured bar at the top of the screen helps you with the timing of the balls. This may require some practice and patience to understand when exactly to hit the ball.

Please remember that it is a limited overs and limited wickets game. So make the maximum out of it. You generally get three overs and three wickets to start with.

Scoring : The outcome of any ball can result in either a wicket or no runs. The runs that can be scored on a single ball can range from 1/2/3 and boundaries 4/6 if you are able to place the ball perfectly. There are no extras in this game.

Game end & Submit Score : Game ends when overs are exhausted or all wickets are lost, whichever is earlier.
Your final score after losing all the wickets or finishing all the overs is submitted. Your highest score in a specific tournament is taken into consideration while calculating the final results.

Game Preview:

Tips & Tricks

  • Every bowler is different
  • Timing is the key.
  • Lot of variation in bowling. Understand the ball well to time correctly.
  • Figure out best strategy to hit every the ball for a 6.
  • Play free tournaments to practice shots and improve skill levels
  • Choose tournaments / battles as per your skill levels.

Pro cricket is a really fun game and if you’re a cricket fan, you’re going to absolutely love this game. Download Pro Cricket on the MPL app and earn real money playing cricket on your mobile. Maximize your earnings using these tips. Create a shortcut for Pro Cricket on your home screen to play the game any time you want.

We always welcome your suggestions and feedback. You can mention the same in the comments section below.

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