Tuk Tuk Go – A Fun Auto Rickshaw Ride

Who thought that riding an auto rickshaw (also known as Tuk Tuk) can be so much fun! That too when you get rewarded for doing so it gets even better. Becoming popular in the tournament category, Tuk Tuk Go can win you lots of prizes for making your auto rickshaw cover distances and collect coins. You can play this simple game by downloading MPL app from play store and have fun while earning cash and other rewards.

Tuk Tuk Go is available only in the tournament format on MPL platform and can be played number of times while the selected tournament is going on. It has no timer and you only have one life.

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Rules & Game Elements

The aim of the game is to cover maximum distance with your Tuk Tuk while collecting coins and power ups to get a high score. The game begins with the auto rickshaw moving forward and facing randomly placed obstacles, coins and power ups in its path. Hitting an obstacle will result in ending the game.

You need to score maximum points in order to win bigger prizes. Once you join a tournament, you can play as many times as you want during the tournament. Only the highest score submitted by every player is counted for the leader board. Players are rewarded on the basis of final rankings once the tournament comes to an end.

How to Play Tuk Tuk Go

Tournaments: As mentioned earlier, this game is currently available in the tournament format only. In the MPL app select the Tuk Tuk Go game and you’ll be shown a number of tournaments. Select and join a tournament according to your choice; a practice tournament (usually played for free) is recommended before you join the ones that require tokens or cash. Once the fee is deducted, you can start playing the game. Play unlimited number of times to improve your score while the tournament is running. Winners are rewarded as per the final ranking after the tournament ends. To join a tournament earn tokens or add cash to your account if you have downloaded MPL pro app.

Tuk Tuk Go - Tap to jump over obstacles
Tap anywhere to jump over obstacles

Game Play/Controls: The game starts with a small countdown and your Tuk Tuk is all set to go. You have to cover more distance and collect more coins to score maximum points. To jump over an obstacle you can tap anywhere on the screen. But remember that there are few obstacles (bridges and sign boards) which do not need you to jump; in fact doing so will crash your auto rickshaw into them consequently ending the game. Similarly, grab coins and power-ups which are placed in the path. Grabbing the power-ups will upgrade your auto rickshaw and enable you to score more. There is no timer in this game and it continues till you hit an obstacle. In this case your auto rickshaw will crash and end the game.

Tuk Tuk Go - Scoring
Collect coins and cover more distance to score points

Scoring : The score depends on the number of kilometers your Tuk Tuk covers. Getting the coins and power ups also add to your score.

Tuk Tuk Go - Grab Power-Ups to upgrade
Grab all power-ups to upgrade your autorickshaw

Power-Ups: There are many power ups to help you score high. For example, you get the Horn Power up and it blows away all the obstacles in between when you tap. The taxi power up converts your auto rickshaw into a taxi. Similarly, a jet power up and the bird power up converts your Tuk Tuk into a jet and bird respectively; the auto rickshaw flies at this point making it easier to grab all the coins. Another amazing power up to collect maximum points is the magnet power up, this automatically attracts coins and you don’t have to make your Tuk Tuk jump in order to get them.

Once you have grabbed a power up it will last for a while so keep a close watch on it. You lose a power up if you hit an obstacle and your Tuk Tuk retains its regular state.

Tuk Tuk Go - End Game
The game ends when you crash on an obstacle

Game End: The game ends if you hit an obstacle; except if you have a power up, in which case you lose the power up.

Game Preview:

Tips & Tricks

  • Score Bonus Points – by grabbing all the power ups.
  • Stay alive longer – As there are no lives in this game, try to cover more distance.
  • Avoid hitting obstacles and grab more points by tapping on the screen.
  • Join a tournament as per your skill level. Some tournaments are easy and less competitive.

So this is all you need to know about Tuk Tuk Go. Now go and earn money on MPL app by playing this wonderful game. If you like playing this game, don’t forget to create a shortcut on your home screen. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know in comments below.

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