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Maze Up is an exciting game available only in the tournament mode. You can download MPL app from play store to play Maze Up and play unlimited in any tournament of your choice. There is no time limit in this game and you only have one life. Missing a step and falling down will end the game.

The character of the bunny has to jump up towards a never-ending maze which goes up. This maze is made of steps and obstacles. Occasionally you will find a carrot on the way which will earn you extra points.

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Rules & Game Elements

You are presented with a maze which is made of steps and goes upwards. This is an endless step maze full of obstacles and the Bunny needs to jump each step and move up in order to remain undefeated in the game. There is no time limit for this game and you only have one life. If you fall down (by misreading a step) or step on an obstacle, your game ends. Every step that you jump on gives you points and getting the carrot on the way earns you extra points.

The aim is to keep on jumping and climbing the maze at a steady speed. You cannot take too much time to make a move otherwise the maze falls down completely ending the game. So you need to score to a maximum to win prizes at the end of the tournament. Once you join a tournament, you can play as many times as you want and only the highest score submitted by every player will be taken into consideration. Players are rewarded on the basis of final rankings once the tournament ends.

How to Play Maze Up

This game is available only in the tournament mode and you can play it by selecting Maze Up game in the MPL app. Then you’ll be shown a number of tournaments. Select and join a tournament of your choice and once the fee is deducted, you can start playing fruit chop. Play unlimited number of times to improve your score while the tournament is still live. Winners are rewarded as per the final ranking after the tournament. To join a tournament earn tokens or add cash to your account if you have downloaded MPL pro app.

Game Play/Controls : The game begins and you have to start jumping either towards right or left depending upon the direction of the maze. Avoid jumping off the maze or stepping on an obstacle otherwise the game ends. The speed of the game depends on the player. The quicker you tap and jump the faster the bunny goes up the maze.

Tapping right on your mobile screen will make the character jump towards right side similarly tapping left on your mobile will make the character go left. You have to jump on each step and go up and score along the way. There are many carrots for the bunny which give you bonus points and add towards making a high score.

Although you can tap anywhere on the screen, tapping on the actual step can sometimes help in getting a proper sense of direction.

Scoring : Each step earns you one point. There are unlimited steps in this maze and you can keep on playing until you fall down. Every carrot earns you 10 points and this can increase your chances of high score.

Game End : The game ends if you miss a step and fall down or you step on an obstacle. There is no time limit in this game. The game also ends if you take too much time and the entire maze collapses.

Game Preview

Watch game play of Maze Up on MPL

Tips & Tricks

  • Do not take too much time to make moves.
  • Stay alive longer – Be on your toes and keep on moving up without jumping off the maze.
  • Collect all the carrots and earn extra points.
  • You can try and tap on the actual steps to go up the maze and understand the direction better.

Maze Up is a simple game available in the tournament mode of MPL app. Now that you are geared up with all these tips we are sure that you would score really high and win awards. Do not forget to create a shortcut on your mobile for your favourite game.

We look forward to your suggestions, feedback and experience playing this game. Do drop in your valuable comments in the section below.

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