Monster Truck – A Thrilling Racing Game

If racing trucks on dangerous tracks is something you like then Monster Truck is the game for you. This thrilling racing game is available in both tournament and battle mode on your MPL platform. All you need to do is download the MPL app from the play store and start earning rewards and money while playing your favourite mobile games.

The aim is to cover as much distance as possible on the track and earn extra points by performing stunts without destroying your truck. Read on to know more about this exciting game and fuel your knowledge to perform well in tournaments and battle rooms.

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Rules & Game Elements

Your game begins with your truck racing on to the muddy track from the word go. The track is full of ups and downs and you need to maneuver the truck by tapping the correct buttons at the correct time. Performing stunts like flips in the air will earn you extra points. There are many bonuses throughout the track and getting those will increase your chances to maximize your score.

While your truck is air borne, you can use the right or left rotations to flip the truck in air to score bonus points. Each subsequent flip in the same flight will give you additional bonus points.

Perfect Landings
You’ll get bonus points for landing the truck perfectly after a flight. So make sure to balance the truck and land it smoothly on the ground.

Truck Health
Each imperfect landing will cause damage to your truck, the amount of damage varies with the intensity of impact. So make sure that you get your landings smooth . You can regain the health of your truck by collecting special medic-kit power-ups on your way. There are no extra lives in this game and getting the truck completely destroyed will end the game.

Fuel Meter
Fuel consumption of truck is constant and fuel meter will going down, but you can replenish fuels by collecting the fuel cans on your way. If you run out of fuel your game the truck will slow down ending your game. So make sure to collect all those fuel power ups while your truck moves forward on the track.

Monster Truck is also available in the battle mode where two players play against each other. The earnings in the battle mode are credited immediately in your account and you don’t need to wait for the tournament to end.

How to Play Monster Truck

Tournaments: In the MPL app select Monster Truck in the tournament section and you will be presented with the ongoing tournaments. Select one according to your skill and choice and start playing the game after paying the fees. You can play unlimited number of times until the tournament is going on. Your highest score will be recorded and will be considered for the final ranking. Your rewards are credited after the tournament comes to an end. The more you play, better are your chances of winning at the end of the tournament. To join a tournament earn tokens or add cash to your account if you have downloaded MPL pro app.

1vs1 Battles: Select the Battles tab on the MPL app and select Monster truck. Choose one of the battle rooms and when you click play, you will be matched with another player to battle against. Both players start the game at the same time and the one who scores more before the other wins the battle. If your opponent destroys the vehicle or runs out of fuel his/her game ends making you the winner. You can play for cash or in token rooms according to your skill level.

Game Play/Controls: Once the game starts, your truck will start moving on the track. The track is full of ups and downs and the truck will be launched on high trajectories time and again. You have to toggle between the controls to safely land the truck on the track. Smooth landings will make sure that the health of your truck is restored. Crashing the vehicle will end the game. There are many power ups in the track which will increase your score. Doing flips midair will earn bonus points but covering more distance is the key.

Scoring: The number of kilometers is the score that you make, so the longer your truck runs, higher will be your sore. You get bonus points for flipping the truck in air. First flip gives you 100 bonus points. Subsequent second flip in the air gives you 200 additional points and third flip in the same flight gives you 300 extra points, the fourth flip will give you 400 points but don’t be too greedy. Several power-ups which are on the way increase your fuel and health.

Monster Truck - End Game
Game ends when your health bar or fuel depletes

Game End: As there are no extra lives, the game ends either when your truck is destroyed or you run out of fuel. There is no time limit and you can run endlessly if you maintain fuel levels and truck health.

Game Preview:

Tips & Tricks                           

  • Flips earn you extra points. Multiple flips will give you even higher bonus.
  • Make easy, light and safe landings; heavy landings will damage the truck ultimately destroying it.
  • Try for perfect landing to get bonus score.
  • Use both your hands when you need to balance the truck on the uneven track.
  • More distance you cover more points you get.
  • In the battle mode try to focus on covering more distance and staying alive in the game. Once your opponent crash lands or runs out of fuel you automatically win.
  • Join a tournament / Battle room as per your skill level. Some tournaments are easy and less competitive.

Now that you know everything about this thrilling game you will enjoy it more. Drive through the unpredictable tracks and score as much as you can. Go ahead and earn money by downloading Monster Truck on MPL and do not forget to create a shortcut on your home screen. We look forward to know about your experience playing this entertaining game so drop in a message in the comments section below.

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