Planet Chaos – Pave Your Way through Meteors and Craters

Planet Chaos is all about maneuvering your rover vehicle through the planet and earning points. But wait! There is a catch; there are numerous meteors and craters on the planet that can destroy your vehicle and end your game. You can download MPL app from play store to play Planet Chaos and drive through different obstacles in your path.

Planet Chaos is available on the MPL platform in tournament mode. Read more about this fun game in this article and increase your chances to earn money by driving through this chaotic planet and win.

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Rules & Game Elements

Your rover is already on Planet Chaos and you need to tap to start the game. As soon as the game starts your vehicle starts moving forward. The planet is full of ground craters and meteors falling on it. You are provided with only one life and falling into a ground crater or getting hit by a meteor will end the game. There is a power up called as the Shield power-up which enables you to drive through the obstacles and still keep scoring. This game doesn’t have a timer and you can play unlimited time till you hit an obstacle.

Once you join a tournament, you can play as many times as you want during the tournament is live. Only the highest score submitted by each player is counted for the leader-board. Players are rewarded on the basis of final rankings once the tournament ends.

How to Play Planet Chaos                            

Select Planet Chaos game in your MPL app and you will be provided with a number of tournaments. Select and join a tournament according to your skill and choice. The fee would be deducted and then you can start playing the game. Play unlimited number of times to improve your score while the tournament is still on. Winners are rewarded as per the final ranking after the tournament ends. To join a tournament earn tokens or add cash to your account if you have downloaded MPL pro app.

Game Play/Controls: Once the game starts you can tap anywhere on the screen to start the game. The vehicle will start moving forward and you can tap left or right to steer your rover and hold to make a sharp turn whenever needed.

Planet Chaos - Power up
Grab Shield power up to drive through obstacles and score without ending the game

Power-Ups: There is one power-up in this game – the Shield power up which lets you drive through the obstacles without ending the game and still scoring on the way. Be careful while grabbing this power-up as sometimes it might be placed very close to a crater. So make sure that you are not hitting an obstacle instead of grabbing the power up. Also, be alert as to when the power runs out.

Scoring: The time that you spend on the planet before hitting an obstacle becomes your score.

Planet Chaos - End game
Game ends if the rover falls in a crater or is hit by a meteor

Game End: The game ends if your rover hits an obstacle (crashing into a crater or hit by a meteor) as there are no extra lives provided to you. There is no time limit in this game.

Game Preview:

Tips & Tricks

  • Stay alive longer – Keep an eye on the obstacles and keep on moving forward to cover more distance and spend maximum time on Planet Chaos. The longer you play better are your chances to score higher.
  • Stay clear of the craters and meteors.
  • Try to grab the power-ups to maximize your score without getting killed but make sure when it runs out.
  • Stay on the path which has a long crater-free stretch.
  • Make sharp turns only when necessary.
  • Endurance is the key.
  • Join a tournament as per your skill level. Some tournaments are easy and less competitive.

Now that you know everything about this amazing game go ahead and download the MPL pro app and win earn money by playing Planet Chaos. If you like playing this game, don’t forget to create a shortcut on your home screen. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know in comments below.

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