Space Breaker – Best Brick Breaker Game Ever

Space Breaker is an Arcade based on the old brick breaking game where you break the different mazes of bricks by launching a ball at them. It is one of the oldest and most popular gaming categories and now you can earn money by participating in tournaments on MPL and creating a high score. Break bricks, grab power ups, clear levels and win big.

Space Breaker is available in tournament mode on the MPL platform. Read on to know why so many people are following this addictive game. Keep breaking brick mazes in space and increase your chances to earn money on Mobile Premier League.

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Rules & Game Elements

At the beginning of the game you are presented with a brick maze and a bounce board called as ‘wedge’ and a ball. Players need to launch the ball at the bricks in order to break them completely and clear the level. Objective of the game is to keep on breaking all the mazes in the levels within the given time frame and avoid losing lives by missing the ball. You can move the wedge by dragging it to the desired side in order to bounce the ball back in space. Collect the various power-ups which will increase your score.


You can collect power-ups which are released randomly while you break the bricks. You need to slide your wedge to grab them. These are different types of power-ups available in Space Breaker. Be very alert while grabbing the power-ups as some can be fatal given the position in the game.

Multi Ball: This splits the ball into 3 separate balls making it easier to break more bricks.

Big Ball: This increases the size of the ball thereby increasing the chances of hitting more bricks at a time.

Smash Ball: This ball breaks everything in one hit as it goes through the bricks.

Big Wedge: This makes your wedge big enabling you to bounce multiple or big balls in a better way.

Fast Ball: This increases the speed of the ball a little. This can help when you have less time left.

Slow Ball: This decreases the speed of the ball makes it useful while playing along with multiple balls.

Mini Ball: This decreases the size of the ball making it easier to enter through difficult brick mazes.

Wedge Lock: Beware of this as it will lock the wedge for some time.

Mini Wedge: This makes the ball superfast; again works wonderful when you have very little time left and you need to clear the level.

A combination of mini wedge, multi ball and smash ball can be really wonderful and you can clear the level pretty quickly.

How to Play Space Breaker

Tournaments: In the MPL app select the game Space Breaker. Select a tournament from the available list. Confirm tournament fees and start your game. You can play unlimited number of times while the tournament is live. Only the best score of every player will be used for calculating the final ranks and winners are rewarded accordingly after the tournament ends. To join a tournament you need to use earned tokens or cash in your wallet. If you’re short of cash you can add cash to your account at any time through the MPL pro app.

Game Play/Controls:

You are provided with a wedge and a ball. You need to tap to throw the ball and launch it at the brick maze above. When the ball hits the bricks and breaks them you get points. There are many types of bricks in the maze; some can be broken in a single hit while some need more than one. When the ball comes back after hitting a brick you need to bounce it back on the wedge. So according to the direction of the incoming ball, you need to drag your wedge (left or right). Power-ups give increase the score and you need to choose them wisely according to the situation in the game. There are a total of 3 lives and you need to clear the levels quickly as there is a timer and the game ends if you run out of time or lives.

Scoring: You get points for breaking bricks. Different bricks have different points starting from 1 onwards. You also get bonus points when your ball hits more than one brick before landing back on the wedge. The number of bricks broken in one launch is the bonus that you get. If you have multiple balls in the space then the bonus is for each ball when it comes back.

Game End: The game ends if you run out of lives or the time is up.

Game Preview

Watch the game play preview of Space Breaker on MPL

Tips & Tricks

  • Try to launch the ball through the side and into the upper space so that it hits many bricks at a time without coming back to the wedge, resulting in bonus points.
  • Select your power-ups wisely. Not all power-ups give same benefit, for e.g. multi ball can be really beneficial when the ball is up in the space and you don’t need to balance multiple balls at the same time which might result in loss of life.
  • Keep your eyes on the ball/s all the time and maneuver the wedge accordingly.
  • Make sure that the screen is clean and you can slide the wedge smoothly otherwise you might miss a ball and consequently lose a life.
  • Join a tournament as per your skill level. Some tournaments are easy and less competitive.

Now that you know all about this wonderful Space Breaker game, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the MPL pro app to start playing it and earn money. If you like playing this game, don’t forget to create a shortcut on your home screen. Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions or you think we can improve this guide.

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